Dr. Charles Davis

Culture affects how we make disciples. We often unconsciously carry our own cultural assumptions into ministry and mission, not realizing that how we think and operate is not necessarily the best or only way to do things. In today’s global environment, disciple-making requires the cultural humility and flexibility to adapt between different cultural approaches.

Dr. Davis, former director of TEAM, provides a framework for missional disciplemaking across diverse cultural contexts. He shows how we can recalibrate our ministry efforts, like adjusting sound levels on a mixer board, to accommodate different cultural assumptions. With on-the-ground stories from a lifetime of mission experience, Davis navigates such tensions as knowledge and behavior, individualism and collectivism, truth and works to help Christian workers minister more effectively.

Ministry teams, church planters, pastors and missionaries working inter-culturally at home or overseas can be part of God’s movement of making disciples. Discover how the body of Christ grows in the unity and diversity of the global church.

“In this book, longtime church leader Charles Davis applies a distinctively missionary analysis to the worn-out ecclesiologies of our time. But it’s not all critique and analysis: built on narrative and experience, he lovingly provides the church with a very useful diagnostic tool that gives us viable pathways toward renewal of church life and mission. I am grateful for this book.”
Alan Hirsch, founding director of Forge Missional Training Network and author of The Forgotten Ways

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