Dr. Charles Davis was raised for 16 years in Pakistan by American parents. Later, he and his wife lived and worked for 20 years in Venezuela. His job as the director of a global non-profit agency took him to 35 countries of the world. Now he lives in the western suburbs of Chicago. While in Venezuela he did his field research for a PhD, studying Venezuelan worldview, the assumptions that everyday people make about life. Now he is applying a life-time of insights to the fields of education and the church, helping people learn to enjoy and benefit from the richness of global diversity.

Music provides a helpful metaphor for culture. All music has five elements: tone, rhythm, harmony, pitch and melody. Through human creativity and the efforts of different composers and performers, these five elements combine and explode into an amazing variety of eras, genres, types and groups. Similarly, culture starts with the same basic elements for everyone—identified by anthropologists as “worldview universals”—and those elements mix together in profound but widely differing ways, creating an almost endless variety of cultures, each an “integrated system of learned patterns.” In this kaleidoscope of cultural patterns, some may appear to us stark and unnerving, others as subtle and deeply satisfying.

SliderSwitches is a consultancy set up to help people develop cultural competence, based on the metaphor of a mixer board that controls the various microphones that together deliver cultural music.